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Education in Germany – land of ideas and success

Why Germany

Germany is amongst the leading nations as a centre for academic and research excellence and its education system ranks amongst the best in the world.

Degrees from German universities are highly regarded internationally and offer great opportunities when entering the job market.

About us

Exchange, Education and Communication all in a global and intercultural context – it is with these in mind that aubiko was founded. Since 2001 the members of our team have gathered extensive experience at universities and other educational organisations. We possess the relevant know-how to gauge and address the needs of not only international students, but internationally-oriented universities. You are looking for a good education and German Universities are looking for you. We bring both together to help you choose the right program for your education in Germany.

Foundation Year

Your entrance to all German Universities

To gain a place at a German University you need to pass the German entrance exam (Feststellungsprüfung).

The “Feststellungsprüfung” is an exam set by the German State, and it´s a requirement for students from most non-european countries who wish to study in Germany. To prepare for the exam, you will need to complete a Foundation Year (Studienkolleg). If you choose to study engineering you will have lessons in German, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (T-courses). For business studies, you will have lessons in German, Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and English (W-courses). Normally prior knowledge of German is a requirement for joining the Studienkolleg, however, we have created a program which includes German for beginners and guarantees a place on a bachelor study course. We want you to focus on your education and we will arrange everything else – accommodation, visas, applications, excursions, etc.

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Profession, Language and Network

Today there is a need for entrepreneurial personalities who are effective, internationally orientetated and have a vision, particulary in the light of the increasingly important business relationship between Taiwan and Germany. For this we need well educated people, fluent in German and who know how to network.

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Step 1: German language course*

Step 2: MBA

Step 3: Internship

Intensive German language course and application service

Become a part of Germany!

Guidance, Preparation and Support

Besides the German language we focus on understanding the local culture. Integration is very important for us. Our language school offers German courses at all levels (from basic to academic), including preparatory courses for university entrance level examinations. All German courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers of German as a foreign language. Typically our German courses are communication-oriented, while teaching is centred around the course participants. During and after the course we can help through our application service to find the right university and course for you and guide you through the necessary administrative steps such as dealing and registering with the various authorities, arranging your insurance, as well as applying to and enrolling at your chosen university. Additionally, we offer a range of intercultural seminars and courses to get you ready for everyday life in Germany.

Flyer Application Service

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Hospitality and tourism

A growing market needs well educated people!

Hospitality offers fantastic career opportunities for all personality types. From highly-organised managerial types, to extremely creative people, opportunities abound in this industry! We offer Bachelor and Masters programmes and both provide a great combination of professional, linguistic and networking development opportunities.

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MA Tourism and Management

German Degrees taught in English

Mastering German to the level required for university study poses a substantial obstacle for many potential students. Where this is the case a degree in Germany, with the course being taught in English often offers an attractive and more accessible solution. We will support you in the search for a suitable school offering the course you’re looking for and help you with the application procedure.