Foundation Year


Foundation Year/ Pre-Studies Program

Your entrance to all German Universities

To gain a place at a German University you need to pass the German entrance exam (Feststellungsprüfung).

The “Feststellungsprüfung” is an exam by the German State, which is necessary for students from most non-european countries. To prepare for the exam, you will need to complete a Foundation Year (Studienkolleg). If you choose to study engineering you will have lessons in German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (T-courses). For business studies, you will have lessons in German, Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and English (W-courses). Normally prior knowledge of German is a requirement for joining the Studienkolleg, however, we have created a program which includes German for beginners and guarantees a place on a bachelor study course. We want you to focus on your education and we will arrange everything else – accommodation, visas, applications, excursions, etc.